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Egg Ring for Frying Eggs, Stainless Steel Egg Cooking Rings with Anti-scald Handle
Home & Garden, Kitchen & Tabletop, Bakeware, Cake Tools
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About this item

🍔【Professional Fried Egg Ring】: Our Egg Rings come in 4 PACK of different shapes molds and 1 oil brush. These exquisite pancake/egg rings are 0.8 inch in height and help you perfectly make different shapes of fried eggs or egg poacher, Foldable handle design for easy storage. These handy griddle egg gadgets can help you get a delicious breakfast in the morning.

🍔【Breakfast Tools】: Our egg rings can not only be used for frying eggs, you can also make countless delicious breakfast recipes, such as hamburgers, sandwiches, Crumpets, poached eggs, biscuit, mini pancakes, egg muffins, etc. Powerful features give you countless surprises.

🍔【Premium Material】: Our egg rings are FDA certificated and made of BPA Free stainless steel with non-stick coating. The handle has been upgraded with food-grade extra protective silicone covers to prevent your fingers from scalding, lease rest assured to use our Non-stick Egg Rings.(Oil Brush Included)

🍔【Super Easy to Use】: ①Use an oil brush to apply a small amount of oil on the inner wall of the egg ring, this is a key step for non-stick purpose. ➡②Put the frying egg ring on a flat pan, add some oil into the ring mold with low heat, this will keep eggs in good shape without leaking out. ➡③Break an egg into the ring. ➡④Cook the egg with low heat over 3 minutes before a perfect egg. Now enjoying a delicious breakfast!

🍔【Dishwasher Safe & Easy to Clean】: Our metal egg ring mold are EASY to Clean, you can also use a dish cloth and a little liquid dish detergent to clean them easily. After cleaning, of course, put them in the dishwasher is also a good way. you can use the S-hook to hang the egg ring to dry.